Datin Nicole Yow

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“It is Nutrition, Not Drugs!”


Nicole Yow
38 years old
Selangor, Malaysia


yvonne tan

yvonne tan

I experienced that when a person’s weight starts increasing, it becomes very hard to exercise or even to make a single move. Its not that I’m lazy, it was because it became more exhausting, low energy level and lack of motivation as well. KetoEssentials weight management program is my trusted and the best ever slimming nutritional product in the market. Hear me out: It’s a 'slimming supplement’, NOT 'slimming/diet pill'. That really makes KetoEssentials an outstanding product.


After slimmed down 12.3kg, I'm so happy to share with all of my friends around me the secret of my slimming success journey. Seeing and feeling great changing of myself each and every single day is amazing. It is amazing to feel confident and look pretty at the same time. Investing on yourself is the best investment you will ever make! WOMEN, LIVE YOUR LIFE! Trust TROIS, You deserve it!