Plushaile Lim

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“I lost weight without cutting down on food nor exercise”


Plushaile Lim
51 years old
Johore, Malaysia


I work as a tour guide and I always have to bring my customers to travel around. Thus I get to visit all those shopping complex in oversea. There are a lot of pretty clothes around but all I can do is see but never have a chance to wear it. My overweight problem has been there for a very long time. Every time when I travel around with my customers, I will have ankle pain and need to look for acupuncture treatment to relieve it. So, I decided take KetoEssentials and BeautyEssentials program to improve my health condition and also my ankle problem. After 9 months, I had successfully lost 22kg and all my friends were shock by my transformation. When we meet up, they can’t recognize me due to the huge transformation and only get to recognize me through my voice. I love KetoEssentials and BeautyEssentials program because I get to lose weight without cutting down on food consumption and exercises. After slimming down, my ankle problem is no longer there and my body shape has improved a lot, my face has become slimmer and firmer. This makes me more confident and now I look younger than my actual age.