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Where does KetoEssentials® formula originate from?

KetoEssentials® was formulated in US for 44 years which have been used in hospital by doctors and specialists to treat overweight problems.

Is KetoEssentials® a meal-replacement?

KetoEssentials® is not a meal-replacement. In fact, you may enjoy up to 6 meals a day according to our Corrective Diet Regime.

Do I need exercise during KetoEssentials® program?

With KetoEssentials®, you do not need to exercise to achieve effective weight lose up to 8kg in 1 month.

If you wish to, you may do some stretching exercise at the beginning of the program and aerobic exercise at later stage to achieve desired results faster.

Can I take other supplements when I’m on KetoEssentials® program?

KetoEssentials® is classified as food under Ministry of Health, Malaysia where it constitute 85 types of human essential natural nutrients. We would recommend you to put aside your supplements first to experience the real results brought to you by KetoEssentials®. And the nutrients are sufficient to supply your daily requirement.

Of course, you may take other supplements during KetoEssentials® Program as you wish too since the nutrients would not antagonize with the nutrient-based supplement.

Is KetoEssentials® suitable for diabetic patient?

KetoEssentials® is suitable for diabetic patients especially overweight diabetic patients.

As diabetic patient dietary recommendation is to restrict carbohydrate intake, the Corrective Diet Regime during KetoEssentials® program is the suitable regime for overweight diabetic patient to lose weight effectively to improve body insulin sensitivity.

Is KetoEssentials® safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mother?

KetoEssentials® is constituted of 85 types of human essential natural nutrients to ensure sufficient nutrients during fat-burning process. Thus, it is recommended for overweight pregnant or breastfeeding mother that requires weight loss. Nevertheless, you can always consult your physician before onset of KetoEssentials® program.

Is the product Registered and certified Halal?

The product is registered with relevant Health Authorities in country of origin and is JAKIM HALAL Certified.

Is KetoEssentials® suitable for vegetarians?

The ingredients in KetoEssentials® and Corrective Diet Regime are suitable for lacto-ovo-vegetarian.

After I success in KetoEssentials® program, will I put on weight again?

During KetoEssentials® program, the nutrients will enhance your body metabolism as you can achieve younger body age than before. After you achieve your ideal body weight and body composition with improved metabolism, you will most probably remain better than before if you maintain a healthy and balanced eating habits and lifestyle.